From wholesale & retail to direct to consumer

Using Facebook to build a direct to consumer market for a niche fashion brand that traditionally sold via wholesale & retail.

One of the main issues traditional retailers face right now - as the high street struggles and shoppers increasingly purchase online - is how to successfully and profitably move from the traditonal retail model of bricks and mortar stores to the ecommerce one.

(In fact, our CEO Tash recently talked about this in relation to Marks & Spencers closing stores and putting more budget into online). 

And that's the exact issue we are helping a niche fashion retailer in the equestrian space overcome. 

Here's some of our results so far

  • Website purchase conversion value: $69,927
  • Return on adspend: 7.24 (that means for every $1 spend on ads, the brand gets $7.24 back - oh and acquires customers with lifetime value). 

We are particularly proud of our Top of Funnel campaigns to 'cold' audiences - which have achieved a return on adspend of 4. 

Here's How We Did It: The Fashion Brand Direct To Consumer Funnel

It's easy to get excited about working with a fashion brand because they typically have great creatives (or if not, we can make great creatives) and your instant feeling is 'Oh people will love this stuff.'

Of course - nothing is that simple! 

The reality is the brand only recently had the Facebook pixel installed on their website so had limited data and algorithm training going on inside Facebook.  

Step 1 – Building out the perfect ready to purchase consumer audience at Top of Funnel The first step is to put budget into rapidly testing audiences using a mix of interests, lookalikes and LTV audiences to find those that will perform the best. The screenshot below shows just some of the audiences and placements tested for this brand. 

Our first goal is to find the 'right' audience and we 'soft stats' such as CPM, CTR and CPC to determine our success and monitor improvements.

Creative split test

Next, within these audiences, creatives must be split test. Our approach is to never stop launching and testing new creatives, even when one seems to be a 'winner'. 

There is always the potential for both a new creative to perform better, and for the winning creative to run out of steam. 

So far we have tested 39 variations of creative, video, images, ad format type and ad wording. With brands we've worked with over the longer term, this number reaches hundreds. 

Funnel optimisation...  

Once the funnel is in place, ongoing campaign management involves:  

  • Continuing building upon Campaign, Audience, Targeting, and conversion lessons learned.
  • On-going Campaign Management, including: Strategy, Copy, Creatives, Split-Testing.
  • Optimisation and Scaling of Successful Ad campaigns and Retargeting campaigns.
  • Continued creation & improvement of Facebook Ads campaigns based on strategies that work. 
  • Continued creation & improvement of Facebook retargeting campaigns based on strategies that work
  • Audience and conversion data collection and analysis.
  • Advising on Recommend Ad Spend to enable scaling.
  • Monthly reporting of ad results.
  • Management of bot and continued improvement of bot campaign.

We call it babysitting - and every account we work on needs babysitting for at least 27 hours per month

It's time to scale....

With the campaigns delivering at above our target ROAS and also stable, it is now time to scale the campaigns and increase adspend and results.

We have also been tasked with bringing in new traffic and purchasers from Google Adwords, Google Shopping and YouTube. We'll keep you posted on the results.

We can't wait to see what our next e-commerce client brings in!  

P.S. If you're skimming and just wanted to see what the offer was... you can request a free strategy call to have myself and my team personally audit your business and ad campaigns and advise on how to scale and succeed with FB ads