This week, I’m sitting down with one of Bolt Digital’s favourite clients (we love them all!) Julian Peyser, the founder of Cool You Air Conditioning, which specialises in fully internal air conditioning solutions for apartments and Grade 2 listed properties in London.

We have been working as Cool You’s fully outsourced marketing department since December 2017 and Julian’s business has just had a record August, he’s fully booked until October and as he says in this video: ‘The quality and quantity of the leads he has coming in is amazing.’

In this interview Julian and I discuss….

  • How Julian found Bolt Digital when he became stuck in our own Facebook marketing funnel
  • Marketing strategies and some of the highs and lows of running lead generation campaigns.
  • Julian’s own story as an entrepreneur who started this business in later life alongside stacking shelves at Marks & Spencer.
  • And more….

Julian started the company in the heat of the 2007 summer having not been able to find a suitable air conditioner for the flat he then lived in: “I didn’t know whether I was going to sell a bean. But, the green shoots were pretty quick because we got some free editorial from the local paper, the first job we got was this couple who wanted their bedroom air-conditioned. They signed up for it and off we went to drill.

“There was dust flying everywhere, but we got the job done. And then we did another one. And then another one.”

Julian grew the business at first by focusing on SEO to get him on the first page of Google for a variety of search terms which year on year improved website visibility under more and more keywords and phrases, so people are finding Cool You’s website.

Knowing he had a truly fantastic solution to a niche problem, Julian wanted to scale Cool You further and was looking for support in digital marketing.

Of course, we do not know exactly how Facebook’s algorithm worked but being clever like it is, it placed Bolt Digital’s social media campaigns in front of Julian at the right moment! At which point he entered our own lead generation funnel.

He recalls: ‘I thought “Who the heck’s this?” And I looked you up on the web, found your website. Then I made an inquiry through your website and your Facebook ad. I expected someone from the team to get in touch but it was Tash and that was impressive from the start because that’s what we’re all about – great customer service.

One of the things Julian said to me very early on was that he wanted to ‘market differently’ to the competition and I was confident that at a time when his competitors were purely using Google, we could help by taking an integrated digital approach and bringing in Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, and also making Julian and his technical director Savva into ‘influencers’ and mini celebrities in their very specialised niche.

Julian says: ‘People get excited when they meet Savva. He’s like little media star within the community and that is gold.’

We are now working with Julian to integrate a CRM to help him better manage all the leads he gets. He says: “We are ahead. The quantity of inquiries – because of the website, because of Facebook, because of Adwords – the quantity and quality have been amazing. We are now pretty much fully booked with installs until October and we’re scaling our team to support the demand.’

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