Get ready because today’s episode is not your average interview. Tracey Woodward, CEO of Aromatherapy Associates’ and Natasha, cover it all from health and well-being tips to performing at the next level like Beyonce and Tiger Woods, to goal setting and the current e-commerce landscape.

You’ll discover expert strategies that will help you build your online brand, sharpen your mindset, and how Tracey redesigned the vision of the brand to what it currently is today. This interview covers much more than just business tips to grow your brand, but life, health, and mindset tips to improve every part of you. Enjoy.

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At Aromatherapy Associates, we focus on Mindful Beauty by giving you time to stop and find balance in your life. Leaders in aromatherapy, we address your specific concerns and take you on a sensory journey to enhance your wellbeing.

Our passion for essential oils stems from the understanding that they have therapeutic benefits which work on the skin, body, and mind. We have harnessed this knowledge for over 30 years to deliver award-winning luxury bath, body and skincare products that work on a deeper level to allow your natural radiance and beauty to shine through.

Geraldine Howard and Sue Beechey, Aromatherapy Associates Founders, truly believed that an enriching aromatherapy experience nurtures the body and boosts the spirits. We will continue to build on their legacy by sharing the true power of essential oils and their therapeutic benefits to the skin, body & mind.

What other people think of you is their business, not yours.

Tracey Woodward

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2:33 – Humble beginnings, how Aromatherapy Associates was started out of a simple love for living well

4:04 – The amazing growth of Aromatherapy Associates and working with the most prestigious hospitality and retail brands in the world

7:05 – Customer retention and never sacrificing the quality of the blends

9:30 – The massive impact a change in manufacturing can have on your customer’s experience with your brand.

14:52 – Growing up and not being able to read and write as a young teen to CEO

16:45 – Rewriting the vision of the brand, building a brand focused on wellbeing

20:34 – Tracey’s wellbeing experts, how her team is bringing a 360 approach for her customers and clients

23:00 – One tip your company can use to develop as a team, progressively learn and grow as an organization

25:50 – Tracey’s #1 skill in business, and she’s an intuitive facilitator and not a CEO

30:30 – The not so sexy secret to living longer and performing like Beyonce, Tiger Woods and Usain Bolt


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