Scaling Facebook Ads to Her First 100k Month: The 10 Month Journey of Scaling an E-Commerce Beauty Brand with Maxine Laceby

Meet Maxine Laceby, the founder of Absolute Collagen, a beauty product that’s winning people in the world of beauty and skin care. But how did Maxine do it? How did she manage to create a product that brought her so much success in such a short time? Join our conversation to listen to Maxine’s story, her most significant moments with her new product, and some excellent advice for your own improvement.

“It gave me a period of time when I really connected with my end user.”

-Maxine Laceby

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0:50 – Starting and growing an e-commerce brand

2:48 – The major moments in recent months for Maxine

5:49 – Maxine’s thriving business and the product – Absolute Collagen

8:14 – Her story and how she does it


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