Scaling an ecommerce beauty brand from launch to £100k per month in 10 months

Today I have a very special guest on my vlog and that is Maxine Laceby, the founder of the beauty brand Absolute Collagen.

Maxine and I met at a talk I gave for Facebook a year ago and I was immediately impressed with her brand – but Maxine needed help in launching her product and bringing it to market.

We started working with her launching Absolute Collagen on Facebook and Instagram using our 9 step ecommerce process  in September 2017. Within 10 months of launch, we’d reached over £100k in monthly revenue and the business continues to grow at a fast pace.

What is even more incredible is that Absolute Collagen is Maxine’s first business and she started it from her kitchen table at the age of 50 – having had 25 years off work focused on raising a family. I asked Maxine to sit down with me and share her story.

In this video we talk about

  • The launch, how we got started and reminiscing on our first month sales of around £4900.
  • The highs and lows, such as running out of stock and dealing with complaints from customers following a formula update.
  • How Maxine has overcome every hurdle put in front of her.
  • And how the success of an ecommerce brand is team effort – yes the funnels we run today drive new customer acquisition and our emails drive repeat customers BUT Maxine and her team deliver every time on having a great product, amazing customer service and making her customers really connect with her and her story and ethos, thus becoming incredibly loyal to the brand. PLUS SHE HAS A PRODUCT PEOPLE GENUINELY LOVE AND WANT MORE OF! 

At Bolt Digital we love all our clients but Maxine really stands out to the whole team as a role model to women in business. I really REALLY hope you enjoy her story. And Max, here’s to the first £200k month revenue! 

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