ROAS of 10 for fashion ecommerce brand

Achieving a Return On Adspend of 10.5 for a fashion workwear brand as the brand moves from an 'old world' sales model to direct to consumer ecommerce.

Traditionally, workwear brands have been sold by sales reps to procurement managers via real world relationships, cold calling, exhibitions, print advertising and even door to door sales, and the luxury workwear fashion forward brand we work with was no different.

But with the online revolution clearly happening all around us, our client tasked us with building them a direct to consumer route to market via their Shopify website. 

Part fashion ecommerce, part B2B sales, we knew we targeting the right people would not be easy, especially since Facebook has removed job title targeting from the platform.

Although we were confident the brand had the right imagery and products to stand out and succeed online, we knew we had our work cut out. 

Let's fast forward to the results. 

Only a ROAS of 10.5 in our latest month of running the campaigns!!!!!

Here's some of our results in more detail

  • Return on adspend: 10.54 (that means for every $1 spend on ads, the brand gets $10.54 back - oh and acquires customers with lifetime value). 
  • Campaign click through rate: 1.11%
  • Top performing campaign: BOF ATC days 0 - 2 with ROAS of 42.46

We are particularly proud of our Top of Funnel campaigns to 'cold' audiences - which have achieved Returns on Adspend of 4.10 - 10.08.

It's safe to say we have tracked down the right audience for this brand.  

Here's How We Did It

Step 1 – Building out the perfect ready to purchase consumer audience at Top of Funnel

We're not going to lie to you! In the early days of this campaign, with its very specific audience required, there was a degree of pain for us!  

The first step is to put budget into rapidly testing audiences using a mix of interests, lookalikes and LTV audiences to find those that will perform the best. The screenshot below shows just some of the audiences, placements and conversion objectives tested for this brand. 

Our first goal is to find the 'right' audience and we 'soft stats' such as CPM, CTR and CPC to determine our success and monitor improvements.

In total, before getting into our stride and achieving the results that we now have, we ran 26 campaigns, 51 ad sets and 86 different ad tests. Here's just a few of them....

Creative split test

Next, within these audiences, creatives must be split test. Our approach is to never stop launching and testing new creatives, even when one seems to be a 'winner'. 

We are always aware that what we think is 'best' may not be the best and that what works best for one brand may not work best for another. 

On other ecommerce brands we work with, we have found that 'quality' creative (ie professionally filmed studio footage using models) performs better than 'real' creative (ie user testimonials filmed selfie style on iphones).

With this brand, we discovered 'real' people outperform model/slick campaign images and video. 

Funnel optimisation...  

Once the funnel is in place, ongoing campaign management involves:  

  • Continuing building upon Campaign, Audience, Targeting, and conversion lessons learned.
  • On-going Campaign Management, including: Strategy, Copy, Creatives, Split-Testing.
  • Optimisation and Scaling of Successful Ad campaigns and Retargeting campaigns.
  • Continued creation & improvement of Facebook Ads campaigns based on strategies that work. 
  • Continued creation & improvement of Facebook retargeting campaigns based on strategies that work
  • Audience and conversion data collection and analysis.
  • Advising on Recommend Ad Spend to enable scaling.
  • Monthly reporting of ad results.
  • Management of bot and continued improvement of bot campaign.

We call it babysitting - and every account we work on needs babysitting for at least 27 hours per month

It's time to scale....

With the campaigns delivering at above our target ROAS and also stable, it is now time to scale the campaigns and increase adspend and results.

We have also been tasked with bringing in new traffic and purchasers from Google Adwords, Google Shopping and YouTube. We'll keep you posted on the results.

We can't wait to see what our next e-commerce client brings in!  

P.S. If you're skimming and just wanted to see what the offer was... you can request a free strategy call to have myself and my team personally audit your business and ad campaigns and advise on how to scale and succeed with FB ads