Personal Branding 101 with Carl Reader, the Ground Work Needed Before You Become an “Over Night” Success

By July 19, 2018Podcast
Stand Out Online Episode 2

Be you. That’s who people really want to see. Carl Reader, a successful author, and entrepreneur joins Natasha to discuss how his unique appearance, simple messaging, and the showcase of his human side helped propel him to become a leading expert and advisor in the business industry.


“Business is simple. If I can do it, anyone can.”

-Carl Reader

Podcast Standout Online

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3:57  The start of building a personal brand

6:26  Measuring the initial success of social media visibility

9:13  Early strategies that kickstarted Carl’s success

12:06  Importance of credibility in building brands

16:06  Determining values and messages

22:51  Carl explains the benefits of being unique and how it’s helped him stand out and bring in various opportunities

29:01  Making accounting about business, not just numbers

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