Nail & Scale

PAID SOCIAL FUNNEL TRAINING: How to nail and scale your direct to consumer sales using Facebook and Instagram advertising 

*This training is for serious ecommerce brands wanting fast growth and amazing return on adspend.

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Join Tash Courtenay-Smith, CEO of Bolt Digital for 'Funnel Training!' 

You will be walked through real ecommerce funnels, learn how to structure ecommerce campaigns and discover if your ecommerce brand has what it takes to scale profitably and successfully using social advertising. 

➡️ Our proven 9 step process to running profitable and scalable Facebook™ funnels for your ecommerce business.

➡️ The 3 things you MUST understand about the social media shopper.

➡️ Anatomy of campaigns that work. 

➡️ The 3 main tasks you must do to be a successful advertiser.

➡️ What a scalable Facebook™ and Instagram funnel looks like on the INSIDE and how to build one yourself.

About Your Trainer...

Tash Courtenay-Smith is CEO of Bolt Digital, a leader expert in performance marketing, bestselling author, speaker and one of 8 trainers for Facebook's She Means Business campaign. 

Bolt Digital is relentlessly focussed on delivering commercial value and a measurable financial return on investment to its partners and clients. 

Recent paid social results

Established fashion brand

We're working with an established fashion brand selling through mainly traditional channels (wholesale) launch social ads and build their online sales. We achieved returns on adspend of 11 within 2 months.

Beauty ecommerce start up  

We helped a start up beauty brand start up go from £1k per month to £100k in revenue per month in just 8 months, achieving up to 80% growth month on month AND a return on adspend (ROAS) of 8.

Apparel brand

We're working with a global uniforms brand helping build a new direct-to-consumer market. Within three months our ROAS has hit 10 and campaigns are now being scaled.