I recently had the opportunity to sit down with the lovely Gabriela Hersham, co-founder of the Huckletree workspace (where Bolt Digital is based) and hear about how she came up with the unique Huckletree concept and has since seen it scale to four, soon to be 8 amazing spaces just like the one Bolt Digital is based in right now.

I can honestly say one of the best things that has happened to Bolt Digital in our journey so far was moving into Huckletree last year and out of our ‘functional-but-a-bit-dull’ work space in Kensal Rise!

My older brother recently came to meet me at work and after having a tour, he said ‘This is more like a playground than an office.’ And it is, with break out areas including a grass hut, and a meditation yurt.

An interesting point that Gabriela brought up is that “you spend more time awake at your office than in your own home” and that is why she’s created a space that is genuinely fun and uplifting to spend time in – as well as having everything you’d expect from a practical point of view.

Obviously, with both of us being women and mums, set against the fact that in 2017, only 6% of venture capital funds went to women, we also talked about being a female entrepreneur. Which is something neither Gaby or I think of ourselves as but we both often get asked about 🙂

What we both think it comes down to is everyone is just trying to do the best that they can!

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