We work with consumer & retail brands to help them develop world class performance marketing teams in house.

Our CEO is an official trainer for Facebook and part of a team that has trained 20,000 business owners in the UK on behalf of Facebook.

Our training and in house support centres on the following pillars

  1. Strategy
  2. Training and ongoing support/mentoring
  3. Interim management

Do you have the right team with the right skills?

The scale and pace of digital disruption is now so big that we believe that what most organisations are faced with is not a technology, marketing or social media problem, but a people problem.  

How you get the right knowledge, skills and people is a fundamental issue to solve. The larger the organisation, the bigger the challenge and opportunity.  Bolt love working with teams, both as an external partner but also as a mentoring, coaching and training partner.

By working with you and your team, we will be well placed to advise not just on what external services you need, but also how we can help up upskill your existing team and potentially add some new inhouse hires if that is appropriate.

Our customised face-to-face training covers the following

  • Website conversion: Is your site converting visitors and how can it be improved?
  • Creatives: Are the creatives and message right? What kind of creatives will work for your brand?
  • Audiences: Who are we targeting?
  • Placements: Where are the ads going and what platforms and placements convert best?
  • Funnel performance: Does your funnel work at every single step of the customer journey and conversion process?
  • Email marketing: Are your previous customers excited to hear from you and will they buy again?
  • Financials & Strategy: What is the cost of acquiring a customer and how does this shape your future marketing budget and impact your business plan?
  • Future: How do we optimise results across the customer acquisition funnels over a longer term time frame.
  • Ongoing mentoring: we support your team on an ongoing basis reviewing their work and offering advice and best practise guidance as your campaigns and activity scale.

Let us support your in house team 

If you have a project in mind or a marketing problem to solve, fill in the form below or email us on hello@boltdigital.media