From working as a cog in the machine of journalism to a reputable editor of national newspapers, Natasha Courtenay-Smith has done it all. Founder of Bolt Digital, Natasha examines her clientele’s social media strategy and gives advice to those seeking guidance in the world of advertising.

You can catch the full video version of this episode here and from her vlog.

Your first job as an advertiser is to stop the scroll.

-Natasha Courtenay-Smith

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4:31 Natasha Courtenay-Smith story, coming up through journalism  

7:15 The birth of Bolt Digital  

10:15  Critiquing of bad branding that can lose you money 

11:39  The nine-step process of direct to consumer of online e-commerce brands  

15:15 Why you need an integrated approach to advertising to be successful today 

21:20 Boosted posts and building a 

31:19 Figuring your algorithm 

36:37 Tip: Know your audience 

41:43 Working with Bolt Digital 

46:56 Q&A


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