How to Publish Your Book in Half the Time Using the Hybrid Publishing Model with Lucy McCarraher

Stand Out Online Episode 4

Want to write a book? Want to be seen as the authority in your area of expertise? Listen to Natasha’s interview with Lucy McCarraher, co-founder & managing editor of Rethink Press, as she provides valuable tips that will land your book on the next printing press.

“If you have a book, it puts you out there. It changes people’s perception of you. It’s the best ambassador and business development manager you can have.”

-Lucy McCarraher

Podcast Standout Online

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2:15. The reasons why people want to write books

5:51  What makes a good book

9:48  Lucy gives advice on book topics for different experts in various industries

15:32  The value of giving away your books

19:27  Cost of resourcing Rethink Press as a hybrid to assist in publishing book

22:15  What you need to know about writing a book

Connect with Lucy McCarraher:

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