How to get the right creative assets for your ecommerce website and social adverts

This week, we headed out to a photoshoot for one of our clients, Neurogenika. They are a brand new ‘nootropic’ supplement brand, with a very minimal aesthetic and ‘clean’ approach. The vision was clear: capture and create beautiful, unique visuals that not only represent Neurogenika brilliantly but also allow us to effectively launch and scale this unique ecommerce client.

Overall product presentation is one of the most important steps in our 9 step process for ecommerce brand, which we call ‘The Bolt Ecommerce Success & Scaling System’. This is a system that we’ve developed at Bolt Digital to build ecommerce brands through reach, conversions, profit and repeat customers.

It’s important for all websites to have the right mix of commerciality as well as creativity while reflecting Neurogenika as a company to trust. First impressions count and so everything has to look the part in terms of photography, video and the website.

The second stage of the creative steps in our 9 step process is producing and split testing the ad creatives – the bottom line is you never know how well any particular advert creative will perform and there’s always the potential for a new one to outperform an existing creative. 

My top tips for getting the right creatives for your ecommerce brand are: 

  • Invest in proper photography and styling for products – it is absolute key to getting ecommerce websites looking the part. 
  • Always shoot photo and video at the same shoot – that way you can get two creative formats from one day.
  • Remember, you can never have enough ad creatives. Just because one creative looks good and seems to be doing well does not mean it will perform as well as the next. Creatives do not last forever and you will always need new creatives to rotate through your Facebook ad campaigns so you can continuously and consistently reach audiences.

We’ll keep you posted with how our campaigns go!

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