How Sean Vigue Became YouTube’s Most Watched Yoga & Pilates Guy

By July 19, 2018Podcast
Stand Out Online Episode 5

Sean Vigue, has made something as simple as posting videos online translate to reaching more than 20 million worldwide. After this episode, you will walk away with valuable tips that you can implement today.

“Make sure [the videos] you do first, is something you really enjoy doing because people enjoy watching you do something you love doing.”

-Sean Vigue

Podcast Standout Online

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1:29  Sean’s professional history

8:10  Sean’s start to making videos

9:55  How Sean’s personal brand evolved

13:14  Income streams that work the best

14:16  Benefits of building a personal brand online

15:33  What you can do now, despite not starting years ago

17:29  How do you deal with personal connections of your followers

19:30  Determining the image you want for your brand

Connect with Sean Vigue:

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