Every email in ecommerce needs to make money – and here’s how to do it….

This week we’re talking about the importance of emails when running an ecommerce business and I’d love to introduce you to one of our inhouse copywriting team (and email experts) Bri.

We’re sitting down to discuss some of the most crucial automated emails that ecommerce brands need, including….

  1. Abandon Cart: Almost 60 percent of your potential customers will forget that they have something in their cart, so set up automated emails to bring them back to their cart.
  2. Lapsed Customer Re-engagement: Send an email to someone who has once bought your product but not returned (ie they bought your product 3 months ago) to bring them back. Let them know that you miss them, that you have a special offer just for them. It all helps customers feel loved and wanted!
  3. Post-Purchase Follow Up Series: This is a lengthy email sequence but a rewarding one and it’s all about building brand loyalty and encouraging them to keep visiting your store and buy from you again. Offer them a perk such as free shipping, a reward code or some form of discount on their next purchase (some customers might need this kind of encouragement to purchase from you again) and in the long-term you’re building the foundations to a solid customer-brand relationship.

We run newsletters for all our clients at Bolt Digital and Thursday tends to be the day they publish across our brands. For our ecommerce clients, we love seeing how well they perform with some of our most successful brands driving thousands of pounds in revenue from a single email as well as building customer loyalty and lifetime value.

A lot of people argue that emails are dying, that people no longer read emails (although, if you watch my video with Bri you’ll find out our sneaky way around that!), but what we see at Bolt is – every email makes money.



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