Knowing nothing about footwear, four friends took the leap, started a brand and ten years later Butterfly Twist remains a top brand of consumer choice. Emmanuel Eribo, co-founder, and CEO stops by to discuss how they’ve built the brand from conception to market while remaining in the challenging retail space. Emmanuel drops many nuggets to his company’s success that you can use immediately. These pointers include knowing what works well for your company, knowing your message and the best way to broadcast that message, the importance of not being too dependent on one channel, and figuring out who your customer is and how to service them. Join the conversation today.

Things change and while it’s changing you just need to adapt to the business.

-Emmanuel Eribo

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0:55  How Butterfly Twist began

8:04  The challenge of understanding customers and changing with time

10:18  Insights into direct to consumer, measuring return on investment

19:07  Managing tension during highly-stressful times

25:33  Discussion of the difference in performance between UK and Japan

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