A day that started as a search for a quality pair of shoes, and a dropped purple pocket square ended with the start of a custom shoe brand. Now four years later, Tim Waring, founder, and director of Eves & Gray Ltd. drops in with Natasha for an in-depth conversation into everything brand. Tim gives a peek into brand management, internet marketing strategies and the resilience required to last in the industry.

“You learn very, very quickly that outsourcing is king.”

-Tim Waring

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1:09  The start of Eves & Gray and a look into the brand today

13:14  Eves & Gray’s business model and risks to look out for when starting a brand

21:45  The truth about landing placement into retail stores

23:44  Strategic branding and luring traffic to your website

26:17  Retargeting to reach your customers—the power of Facebook

32:38  Where to put your resources into Facebook

41:41  Using ads on Facebook and the growth it propels

50:16  Google, YouTube, email other internet marketing mediums

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