Pioneering Digital PR.

A new phenomenon is sweeping the most determined and driven of startup founders, visionaries, changemakers, CEOs, celebrities and ambitious employees.

It involves digital profile building to a new extreme – and the employment a full-time video, content crew.

Just as reality TV stars have used their daily lives to capture the attention of millions of television viewers, so are these individuals using their own regular working routines and their voices to entertain, educate, inspire and build their own audiences and profile via the internet.

The most successful of these individuals have full time editorial crews of up to 12 people trailing their daily lives, and publishing the content in a mix of formats ranging from text through to videos through to audio across social media platforms, blogs, vlogs and websites.

The goal? To build themselves the most visible of personal brands online and turn themselves into the stars and leaders of their own micro-niche. And it’s working, with these digital pioneers becoming household names in their own right.

How are you building influence right now?

When it comes to PR and building profile, most people focus on the real world activity (seen on the right) and very little of the online activity on the left.

The activities on the left are far easier to control in frequency, reach and distribution than the ones of the right.

Online has democratised the exposure process and taken PR direct to consumer.

Take control of….

Stand Out Online: The seminal book on how to build a profitable personal brand fit for the digital world written by our CEO Tash Courtenay-Smith

Contributors to the book include the likes of the TV presenter Jeremy Vine, the CEO’s Carl Reader and Cy Wakeman.

The message

No more wondering what angle a publication will take or whether they will truly say what you're trying to get across.

The frequency

You take 100% control of the timing and frequency of your publicity and reach.

The platforms

Instead of waiting to find out which publications will feature you, you publish across platforms and promote to the exact audiences you're trying to reach.

The positioning

Through strategic work we ensure that your key messages are always coming across.


Through content that is offers intrinsic insights and value, as well as being entertaining and engaging, you consistently capture attention over time.

How PR & influence are changing

Have you ever felt that ‘someone’ has come out of nowhere and now they seem to be everywhere? They’re being interviewed on podcasts, they’re on your Facebook feeds, they’re giving talks, they’re writing books and they’re even appearing in the mainstream media?

Which means their business is growing faster, their message is spreading further, their influence is more powerful and opportunities land at their feet.

Chances are, the internet is a key driver in their success – and it can be in yours too. The digital revolution means YOU can take control of your content, your distribution platforms and your influence.

We supply….

Your creative producer

Overseeing personal brand strategy and ideation

Your videographer

Regular filming sessions per month - reportage, fly on the wall & direct to camera

Your personal copywriter

To produce captions, blogs and newsletters

Your distributor

To ensure all content is repurposed and distributed across platforms

To find out how we can help you build your personal brand, please complete the form below and one of the team will be in touch

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