The 2019 Ecommerce Trends for Health & Beauty Brands

One of the main issues faced by brands and businesses wishing to grow direct to consumer (DTC) is the huge scope of what a digital marketing brief can potentially include.

This is highlighted very clearly below in Bolt Digital’s ‘digital marketing tube map.’ Every underground line on the tube is a different discipline of online marketing (EG SEO/Content/Email, etc).  Every station stop is in fact a particular tactic within that discipline.

Digital marketing map

How We Scale Direct-To-Consumer Brands

Our customer acquisition and repeat purchase funnels are built on a significant proportion of the tube map and include

Native Creative

We understand the importance of having creative assets to capture attention and drive action. We specialise in creating content that is native to the platform it is on.

Social Advertising

We are really very very good at building, managing and optimizing ROI-focused advertising funnels on Facebook and Instagram. This ensure that your content gets seen by the right audience at the right time.

Email & AI Bots

Don’t let anyone tell you email is dead. Our email and Messenger sequences drive conversions at 10%, convert new customers, increase LTV and drive revenue growth.

Google PPC

We develop comprehensive search marketing strategies across Search, Shopping, Youtube and Display that convert high-intent shoppers into customers.

Financial modelling

All brands and businesses that work with Bolt also benefit from financial planning, reporting and modelling. This analysis is critical to measure return on investment and marketing spend, and to ensure activities fit in with your overall business objectives, financial targeting and KPIs.

As we make the move from bricks to clicks, Bolt Digital treat us as a partner not just a client - and that's becoming a rare find.

Noel AsmarCEO, The Noel Asmar Group

Working with Bolt Digital – Our Three Step Process

STAGE ONE: The Bolt DTC Accelerator

All brands that we choose to work with and have not worked with before, must first complete our ‘DTC Accelerator Test’ in which we live test a paid social campaign, advert creative production and email marketing (if relevant) for a four week fixed term period.

The goal of the DTC Accelerator is to gather and analyse real world data on how the brand and adverts perform in real world DTC environment. All tests are signed off by clients before going live.

We can then determine what fixes and changes are needed and at what stages of the customer acquisition funnel. The DTC Accelerator also allows us to gather data to build a firm understanding from which we can make informed decisions on tactics (our approach in the digital landscape).  This will inform budgets (what advertising spend will be needed to drive your desired revenue goals), future potential and ROI. As part of the accelerator we will also get to know your business, your people and your opportunities and concerns so that we can recommend the best possible solutions.  

STAGE TWO: Campaign launch

Following the D2C Accelerator, if we mutually agree to continue to work together, Bolt Digital will go live with a variety of campaigns and activities that will be driven by the scope of the work that we agree – EG Website, Facebook Funnels, Email Marketing, Social Content, AI Bots, PPC, Amazon etc.  We may also agree to a mix of project and retainer work.

As with any investment, there are two main goals;

  1. Return the original capital invested.
  2. Make a profit on your investment.

We are crystal clear that our number one job is to make sure that what you invest with us not only comes back to you as additional profit but has a healthy margin on top.  If driving profit is not the primary objective, we will ensure that we align our performance to your desired outcomes.

STAGE THREE: Performance partnership

At the end of the launch phase, we have three options:

  1. We stop working together.
  2. We continue working together on a fee and scope basis.
  3. We explore a Performance Partnership model.  

Performance Partnerships involve aligning interests and being incentivised to drive ROI.  We call it our “success fee.” Whilst not always appropriate, we like to do all we can to drive more and more sales and profit into the business for the long term.  

The Bolt team are titans in fast-changing digital marketing space. They become so integrated into the heart and mind of your business, I genuinely do sometimes feel they know more about it than me and my team. Overlook Bolt at your peril!

Lord Hugh Crossley4th Baron Somerleyton

Trotters Childrenswear

Scaling Trotters Ecommerce Revenue & Achieving ROAS of 5+

Fritton Lake Resort

£17k in Facebook ad spend drives over £2.5 million in property sales

Cool You Direct

528% Increase In Leads

Noel Asmar Equestrian

Scaling From Bricks To Clicks

Absolute Collagen

Scaling A New Ecommerce Beauty Brand From Launch £130k Per Month In Revenue Within 12 Months

Noel Asmar Uniforms

Achieving a Return On Adspend of 10.5 for a fashion workwear brand as the brand moves from an 'old world' sales model to direct to consumer ecommerce

I can honestly say my company has not looked back since working Bolt Digital, with ecommerce sales growing day on day.

Maxine LacebyCEO, Absolute Collagen

The Bolt Digital team talk DTC

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