Your direct-to-consumer (DTC) growth partner

Every day, retail brands tell us the same thing

  • They’re concerned about the increasing pace of retail disruption and changes in consumer behaviour  
  • They’re fearful that traditional marketing methods will become obsolete
  • With more countries, more customer segmentation, more media, and more distribution channels, they’re struggling with complexity and the ever changing digital landscape, and don’t have the expertise to truly scale direct to consumer revenues.
  • PR doesn’t have the impact it once did.
  • They need to find an alternative approach that works.

I can honestly say my company has not looked back since working Bolt Digital, with ecommerce sales growing day on day.

Maxine LacebyCEO, Absolute Collagen

Here’s how to scale direct to consumer

Bolt Digital is built on our founders’ shared beliefs that business strategy, financial modelling, proven ROI based performance marketing and online omnipresence are essential to enable DTC brands to reach their full potential. The Bolt Digital team includes successful business owners, CMOs, CFOs and performance marketers.

We work with some of the world’s largest bricks and mortar retail brands as well as ambitious and well-funded new or established online brands who want to achieve game-changing growth in DTC revenues. We do not work with small start-ups and under-funded businesses.  

We acquire customers and drive repeat purchase for our partners using cutting edge multi-channel digital advertising, ‘native creative’ and performance marketing.

We believe in creating online omnipresence for the brands we work with so that potential and existing customers can be reached with highly customised messaging and creatives wherever they go online.

We also provide support and training for in-house teams.  We are most comfortable with a hybrid model, where we provide highly skilled performance marketing alongside helping to upskill and work alongside in house staff.

How we work

Bolt Digital is a boutique digital marketing partnership (not an agency), co-founded by Tash Courtenay-Smith ( and Steve Bolton (  

The difference between a partnership and an agency boils down to one word: “commitment.”

The agency mentality is one where people do a job and get paid for it.  Agencies are independent, transactional and unconnected service providers.  

By contrast, a “partner” is a person or a team that are fully engaged, connected and committed to the long term.  A partner shares some of the success and the risk and has your best interests at heart. They also know and care much more about what you are trying to achieve and they are committed to helping you get there.  

This is how Bolt operates and we will only work with individuals and companies that meet our seven partnership criteria:

  1. We must genuinely like and trust the people we are working with and vice versa.
  2. We must believe in the products and services and they must deliver on the promises made.
  3. The business must have strong values and be a force for good.
  4. Recommendations made by Bolt Digital must be acted on in a timely, effective and efficient manner.  
  5. We must have shared understanding that accurate financial planning, reporting and analysis is critical to measure return on investment and marketing spend.
  6. There must be an appreciation that effective marketing takes time to generate results.
  7. Companies and individuals we work with must aspire to a long-term working partnerships.

Bolt Consulting

For Bolt Digital, the consulting arm of what we do is not a service, but a philosophy and a way of working. We always start by investing significant amounts of time to deeply understand our clients and partners businesses. The more we can understand the past and present and have access to information and data, the better we will be placed to help you create the solutions and results that you want.  

DTC Performance

The performance marketing side of Bolt Digital builds and scales direct-to-consumer brand awareness, lead generation and ecommerce campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube and Amazon. We are hard metrics based and we are judged on such things as ecommerce revenue/lead generation/retargeting funnels and ultimately ROI.

Bolt Talent

Bolt Talent uses the personal brand of one of more of the key individuals within a business key staff, Directors, Founders, ambassadors, etc to leverage engagement and sales growth.  Bolt Talent works best when used alongside a suite of Bolt Performance Marketing services as this creates a compounded effect with engagement, leads and sales.

In house support

We raise the standards and knowledge of in house teams in all elements of performance marketing and paid social funnels through face to face programmes. We also work alongside in house teams to manage accounts that the in house team can’t for the short or long term. Our CEO is part of a team that has trained 20,000 business owners in the UK on behalf of Facebook. Training, mentoring and coaching is a core competence of Bolt

As we make the move from bricks to clicks, Bolt Digital treat us as a partner not just a client - and that's becoming a rare find.

Noel AsmarCEO, The Noel Asmar Group

The Bolt Digital team

Tash Courtenay-Smith

Co-founder & Co CEO

Steve Bolton

Co-founder & Co-CEO

Luke Courtenay-Smith

Head Strategist

Kamal Khurana

Head of Production

Francesco Vallecoccia

Performance Marketer

Michelle Meehan

Account Manager

Brianna Wink

Digital Media Producer

Maria Norman

Account Manager

Hemi Negi

Paid Social Executive

Ryan Neville

Content creator

John Orton

Videographer & editor

Charlie Bolton

Digital content intern

The Bolt team are titans in fast-changing digital marketing space. They become so integrated into the heart and mind of your business, I genuinely do sometimes feel they know more about it than me and my team. Overlook Bolt at your peril!

Lord Hugh Crossley4th Baron Somerleyton