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The Bolt D2C 10X Conference brings together world-class technology platforms, service providers and leading D2C brands.  The aim is to help brands rapidly accelerate their direct to consumer scale-up ambitions with the aim of having a 10X impact on their results.

D2C 10X Speakers

Who is the D2C 10X Conference for...?

Scale-up Shopify stores with either minimum monthly revenues in excess of £10,000 OR marketing budgets in excess of £10,000 per month.

Traditional retail/wholesale businesses considering, or in the process of a D2C pivot.

Angel, Private Equity and Venture fund active and/or looking to scale in the D2C space.

Marketing Agencies, Tech Platforms and Service Providers supporting the Shopify ecosystem.


The programme will run from 1pm to 6pm with a VIP after-party going on into the evening. 

The day will include a mix of talks, workshops, Q&A, expert panels, networking and entertainment and along with a VIP after-party in the evening.

The line up includes...

How To 10x Your D2C Business Value with Tim Leach: Tim, the founder of Baylor Klein and now partner at Houlihan Lokey, will be highlighting how to 10x the value of your business in preparation for an exit. He will share some of the critical success factors from three clients he helped achieve highly lucrative exits.

How to 10X Your Lifetime Value with Recharge & Wild Deodorant: Ryan Forster UK’s Partnership Manager at Recharge and Freddy Ward, CEO of Wild Deodorant will share their best advice on how effective subscriptions not only increase revenue but can have compounding impact on increasing the value of businesses.

How to 10X Your One to One customer relationships and community: Ecommerce help desk solution Gorgias willl be sharing how to turn every positive comment, negative comment and question into revenue and loyalty.

10X Spotlight: D2C brands at various stages of growth will share their best insights and point out their biggest mistakes. Brands speaking include Dash Drinks, Your Zooki, Benefit, Iconic London, Bondi Sands, This Works and more.

How to 10X Your Techstack: Speakers from Nozzle, Triple Whale and Bolt Digital will highlight how effective use of tech stacks can have a dramatic impact on a D2C business. This session will also share how brands can easily and cost-effectively measure their Customer Lifetime Value and Product purchasing journey's from both Shopify and Amazon.

How to 10X Your Positive Impact. Sian Sutherland, Co-Founder of a Plastic Planet, will be joined by Oddbox and Mintel and the Tracey Woodward to highlight how brands can make a positive difference to People, the Planet and also their Profits, by doing good.

10X trends for 2022 and beyond: Speakers include Google, Alice Hart Davis and the CEW amongst others. They will share valuable and insightful trends in the D2C and tech sectors that provide actionable and thought-provoking insights.

The D2C opportunity is a double-edged sword.

The rewards for brands that get it right - think Beauty Pie, Glossier, Charlotte Tilbury, Huel, GymShark, Nike and others, have added millions or billions to their top and bottom line.  

However, the exponentially accelerating warp-speed pace of technological progress and the incredible breadth of knowledge needed to succeed can slow or the growth of some of the best brands out there.

An inspiring and world-class line-up of speakers from some of the leading platforms and providers from the Shopify D2C ecosystem have been assembled and are coming together at the conference to lift the lid on techniques, tools and strategies to help brands, investors and service providers accelerate their growth. 

The D2C 10X conference

Thursday, November 4th

Media Works, White City, London

An inspiring and world-class line-up of speakers has been assembled

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