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Bolt Accelerator Platform™

Bolt Digital are THE specialist in direct-to-consumer (D2C) accelerated growth for health, beauty and lifestyle brands.

Your challenge is how to capitalise on the ecommerce revolution; to drive revenue, profit and magnify your social impact.

Our passion is disrupting the traditional agency model and replacing it with a proven and systemised six-step growth platform to help direct to consumer brands achieve remarkable success.

We only work with people, products and brands that we like and trust and have no more than 15 partner brands live at any one time.  Our goal has, and always will be, to be the best, not the biggest.


Bolt Digital

D2C is the new gold rush. Research shows that ecommerce and consumer buying behaviour accelerated by approximately five years due to Covid. Never before in history has it been possible to start, scale and sell FMCG brands worth 8, 9 and 10 figures with relatively limited investment. 

And that’s why you’re here, right?  If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.  They might think they can, but most can’t.  That’s where we come in…


How to develop an effective performance marketing strategy and create budgets and forecasts for a new channel where you may have little or no historical data. 


How to maximise the effectiveness of website conversion, re-marketing, lead generation, thought-leadership, email automation, technology platforms and tools.


How to create, produce and combine vast quantities of adverts in video, photo and text formats, all targeting specific prospects and specific customer groups with customised mirco messaging, depending on where they are in their journey.


How to ensure your customers spend more each time they buy, return to your brand as swiftly as possible and stay with your products for the long term.


How to develop an effective performance marketing strategy that enables you to take your brand out to new customers who don’t even know they want your products (yet).


How to combine the talents and abilities of external marketing partners and agencies with in-house talent. How to find, recruit and retain new talent in a highly competitive sector.


Bolt Digital

The D2C gold rush

D2C is the new kid on the block.  Right now, it’s new and it’s hot. But it won’t stay that way forever. You have time, but not much….before the masses arrive. And when they do, they will spend. And spend big.


Your enemy is complexity

CTR, UPV, CRO, UGC, CPA, ACoS, CPM, CLV, PPC, SEO, CTR anyone?  And how’s your “tech stack” coming along? 

The digital world is becoming ever more complex. We’re here to simplify it. The platforms might constantly be changing the rules, but at Bolt Digital, one thing remains… Our ability to talk to consumers in highly complex omni-channel micro moments in ways that stop the scroll and results in purchasing decisions.

Beware the silver bullet

Most people would love to find a simple and easy solution to D2C success.  The truth is that it’s not simple and it’s not easy.  So don’t believe anyone that tells you it is.

Unlike most agencies, we also own D2C businesses. That gives us a unique and strategic perspective. “What would we do if this was our business?”  This is not only a question we ask all the time. But it is one that we are also qualified to answer.  We don’t want you to fail, so we tell you the BrutalTruths™

The D2C Revolution

Bolt Digital

We are at the start of a dramatic change in how we make and sell products.  D2C is the genesis of this systemic change.  In many ways, it will enable us to accelerate rapidly into a more sustainable, fairer and brighter future. 

At Bolt, we believe that business is the driving force behind this disruptive change.  We have a clear and constantly evolving vision of how D2C businesses can thrive in this new world.  And our goal is to help our clients and partners build their resilience and relevance for the long term and to accelerate their impact, profit and enterprise value.

The first step in working with us is a Discovery call. This allows us to find out more about your business, your brand, USPs, the problems you are facing and solutions you are looking for. 

Successful D2C brands are built around 6 Holy Grail metrics.

If we feel we may be able to help, we will bring your brand into our audit process. This enables us to see where your brand current sits against our holy grail metrics and evaluate its potential for scaling.

We will also benchmark your brands performance, products and assets against others in the health, beauty and lifestyle space, using benchmarks set globally by platforms such as Facebook and Instagram and benchmarks from the dozens of brands we’ve worked with in this sector.

From our audit, we will make assumptions for your brand regarding our D2C success formula. 

Bolt Digital’s D2C Accelerator test allows us to test and gain accurate data on our assumptions, notably around the scalability of the customer acquisition element of your future success.

The Accelerator test is a unique blend of workshops, such as our proprietary Tell Your Story Through A Funnel creative strategy workshop, alongside live campaigns to gather data on customer acquisition.

At the end of our Accelerator, we present our growth scenario planner, which uses the live test results to develop a financial forecast that can grow in accuracy over time to help forecast key metrics including revenue and customer growth potential, ad spend required and customer lifetime value.

Throughout our Accelerator test, we will be collecting data and determining your brands performance levels.

Both you and us will also be evaluating whether we are a good fit to work together for the long term.

By the end of the Accelerator, if we are a good fit, we believe your brand does reach Holy Grail metrics (or can be enhanced in order to meet these metrics), we will look to all move forward with us taking over additional omnichannel marketing management.

Our additional omnichannel marketing management as part of a plan to expand and amplify on the foundations now laid down includes

  • Additional scalable traffic channels,
  • AOV enhancement
  • Email marketing
  • International expansion 

There are a number of ways brands grow over the long term.

For some brands, the most effective future-proofing and value-add will be to employ an in house team. We have a powerful and disruptive methodology to acquire the best talent in the market, incubate them with Bolt then transfer to you.

For others a long term, meaningful growth partnership with a company like Bolt is the ideal solution. In cases like this, we always look have ‘skin in the game’ and work on longer timeframes, with aligned commercial interests.

We are also able to support brands as they prepare for exit.


Bolt Digital
Bolt Digital
Bolt Digital


Bolt Digital

No.  As we have grown and developed over the years we have refined our platform, people and processes.  As with any growing business, we have made mistakes and learnt from them.  The brands that didn’t work out typically fell into three categories:

  1. They were too far away from meeting our Holy Grail metrics and/or did not have sufficient funding to reach critical mass. 
  2. The brand and/or products were not strong enough to cut through.
  3. The people and culture fit was not right.

We have learnt and continue to learn. Today, brands are only accepted into our Accelerator platform following a comprehensive audit and application process.  This demonstrates if they stand a chance of success in the competitive D2C environment.

Successful D2C brands are built around 6 Holy Grail metrics. The work of Bolt Digital focuses on three of these which are:

  1. Average Order Value (AOV)
  2. Cost of Acquisition and/or Advertising Cost of Sale (CPA/ACoS)
  3. Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

We believe the other three are:

  1. Gross Margin
  2. Net Margin
  3. Net Promoter Score

The most scalable, profitable and valuable brands relentlessly focus on improving these Holy Grail metrics.

Alongside having the ability to meet our Holy Grail metrics, we will only work with individuals and companies that meet the following partnership criteria:

LIKE & TRUST – We must genuinely like and trust the people we are working with and vice versa.

BELIEF – We must believe in the brand, products and services and they must deliver on the promises made.

A FORCE FOR GOOD – The business must have strong values and be a force for good.

ROI FOCUS – Accurate financial planning, reporting and analysis is critical to measure return on investment and marketing spend.


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