How to sell your products & services to ‘ready-to-buy’ consumers in 5 simple steps using online marketing.

Are you frustrated with marketing agencies charging high fees and not delivering measurable results? Are you worried about the negative impact that ‘digital disruption’ is having on your marketing and sales efforts?

Would you love to have a true ‘marketing partner’ that treats your business and marketing and sales efforts with as much care, consideration and attention as you want and need? If any of the above are true for you, your search is over…

Welcome to Bolt Digital. 

We are not a conventional marketing agency.  We are your Digital Marketing Partner.  We are 100% ROI, performance and relationship driven.  And we are obsessed with helping you to achieve breakthrough results. 

Our strapline is ‘Successful Together’ for a reason. It’s because we know that you will only be happy if we can provide measurable results to you in super-fast time and on an ongoing basis. With Bolt Digital you can end the guessing game of how to run successful integrated online marketing campaigns and let us put our proven strategies and tactics to work for you.

Imagine the impact on your business and your life if you could increase your sales and profits by 10% to 100% plus within the next twelve months. Think of the excitement of knowing that your ad-spend is profitable, your marketing funnels are working and there are no holes in your online marketing bucket.

How about never having to worry about the latest updates from Facebook, Google, Instagram and other social and ad platforms? Or get stressed worrying about best practice regarding email marketing, funnel building, websites, retargeting, display ads and creative design because its all left in our very capable hands?

Does that sound liberating?  Or maybe too good to be true?

All of our recommendations and work is backed by measurable data and detailed analysis, so that you can see results quickly and have a clear roadmap for your future growth.  We can also provide you with a range of case studies and testimonials to evidence our successes.

Our team can generate massive performance improvements in the key deliverable areas where you want us to drive measurable results.

So end put an end to your digital marketing stress. And allow us to use our tried, tested and proven methods to help you grow your sales, profits and value.

We are Bolt. And we are ‘Successful Together’

How to turn marketing & advertising into profit:

the principles behind our processes

We’re a performance digital marketing partner focusing on profit and ROI. We specialise in driving reach, recognition and revenue within mass market ABC1 consumer audiences for businesses and brands. We’re passionate about optimising your revenue potential and use proven strategies to make the most of your digital marketing budgets. We ensure that your…

Digital adspend is profitable

Digital marketing funnels are effective

More customers become loyal

Dramatically improve sales volumes and conversions

Generate more profit

Add significant value to your company


What people say about us

Get your Bolt Blueprint custom online marketing strategy for your business, for free*

Here’s how it works

Bolt Blueprint allows our expert team to audit, strategise and map out a personalised integrated digital marketing plan for your business.

Your final Blueprint report will be entirely customized to you and will include….

*Usual price £995

1 x customised social advertising funnel map including funnel structure and audiences we recommend you test and target.

Your personalized ads calculator to enable you to project investment, results, ROI and customer acquisition cost.

Your plan for further traffic acquisition strategies, ie Google PPC/Social media/Email marketing/PR

Everything we discuss is specifically tailored for your business after we’ve had a chance to audit your digital marketing campaigns and understand your business goals. 

 So what’s in it for us? Many people who go through our Bolt Blueprint process become clients of Bolt Digital (although there is no obligation for you to take up any of our services). The rest become our friends, supporters and part of our expanded network! 

How to nail & scale your direct to consumer sales using paid social advertising

Free Training

Join Tash Courtenay-Smith, CEO and co-founder of Bolt Digital.

You will be walked through real  funnels, learn how to structure campaigns and discover if your brand has what it takes to scale profitably and successfully using social advertising.

Tash is one of 8 founder trainers in the UK for Facebook’s She Means Business campaign in the UK.

She delivers training on Facebook advertising to SME owners on behalf of Facebook and Enterprise Nation.

Claim your 30 minute strategy session and secure your Bolt Blueprint.

This offer is designed specifically for you if you’re serious about improving sales, profit and business value through highly effective digital marketing and sales. 

Our team of Bolt Strategists only have a limited number of slots available for a certain number of free sessions every month.  You will need to complete a short form to ensure that you qualify and you can do so here…