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Bolt Digital is a specialist growth marketing agency specialising in scaling ecommerce brands and driving revenue through reaching mass market consumer audiences. 

We help fast growing ecommerce brands and SMEs selling aspirational products and services reach highly targeted ABC1 audiences who are smart, stylish, affluent and most importantly ready to spend.

We have spent the past two decades at the forefront of mass consumer media and online marketing and drive revenue through

  • Strategy: How to build better full funnel executions within the new attention spectrum of online media.  
  • Creative: How to stand out online.
  • Paid: How to deploy adspend across a multi channel digital marketing world.
  • Analysis: How to optimise for further success.

How can we help?

Facebook advertising

We are really very very good at building, managing and optimizing ROI-focused advertising funnels on Facebook and Instagram.

Our founder Tash is one of 8 accredited trainers in the UK for Facebook’s She Means Business campaign, regularly speaking on behalf of Facebook and helping train 10,000 entrepreneurs per year in how to use Facebook’s family of apps to grow and scale their businesses.

Google Adwords

This isn’t about Facebook versus Google. We think the two work perfectly in tandem.

We develop comprehensive search marketing strategies across Search, Shopping, Youtube and Display that convert high-intent shoppers into customers.

Email and Messenger Bots

Don’t let anyone tell you email is dead. Hold that thought right there! Our email and Messenger sequences drive conversions at 10%, convert new customers, increase LTV and drive revenue growth.

Creative & Content

Ah, the old problem of how to capture attention and stand out from the crowd. We understand the importance of having amazing assets that convert. Just ask us about the time we increased return on adspend at top of funnel to cold audiences 4 times by relentlessly testing creatives.

Our Founders


Tash is a thought-leader on the subject of integrated digital marketing, social media, PR and expert branding and posiitioning.

A former national newspaper journalist, in 2008, she founded, built and later sold the UK’s first and leading digital press agency and has since worked with successful business owners and ecommerce brands to drive profit and sustainable business growth. She is the author of the bestselling book The Million Dollar Blog and her second book #StandOutOnline will be published in November 2018 by Hachette.

Tash advised the UK government on strategies to help business owners cope with the pace of innovation in the digital age and she is one of only 8 women to be selected, trained and accredited by Facebook™ to become one of their independent trainers for Facebook’s ‘She Means Business’ campaign, helping train over 10,000 entrepreneurs in the UK in how to use Facebook™ for their business.



Steve Bolton is a leading British entrepreneur, franchisor, investor and philanthropist. He is the Founder of one of the most successful franchised business in UK history, with assets valued in excess of £300 million.

Steve is also a multiple best-selling author, inspirational speaker and has a personal passion and talent for mentoring successful Founders, thought-leaders and celebrities.

He has a remarkable strike-rate in business, with 90% of the companies he founded or co-founded over the last 25 years still trading successfully today.

Steve’s vast experience ensures that the work we do maximise returns, minimise risks and delivers exceptional value.

Steve Bolton – Wikipedia


Case studies

£2.5 million sales from 17k of ads

How we helped drive £2.5 million in off plan property sales with £17k in Facebook ads for Fritton Lake Holiday Resort.

Read case study

Scaling a beauty brand from launch to £80,000 monthly revenue in 8 months

We helped a start up beauty brand start up go from zero to £66k in revenue per month in just 8 months, achieving up to 80% growth month on month AND a return on adspend (ROAS) of 8.
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Bolt Digital social content gets over 1 million views in 24 hours

Our social content for the Danish casual dining chain Ole & Steen got over 1 million views in 24 hours.

Watch video

ROAS of 7 for fashion brand making the shift from bricks to clicks

Using Facebook to build a direct to consumer market for a niche fashion brand that traditionally sold via wholesale & retail.

Read case study

Moving from wholesale to direct to consumer

Achieving a Return On Adspend of 10.5 for a fashion workwear brand as the brand moves from an ‘old world’ sales model to direct to consumer ecommerce.

Read case study

Generating prospective patients for the Zita West Fertility Clinic at 0.63 pence each.

These strategies will work for any type of private clinic including back clinics, pain clinics, cosmetic clinics, sleep clinics and many more….

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The Bolt Ecommerce Success & Scaling System

We don’t believe in leaving success to chance. At Bolt Digital, we use our unique 9 step framework outlined to build ecommerce brands through reach, conversions, profit and repeat customers.

  1. Strategy: How to build better full funnel and customer acquisition executions for your product within the new attention spectrum of online media.
  2. Product & presentation: Is this product viable for social and digital advertising? Does it appeal to mass mainstream ABC1 audiences? Is it being presented in the correct manner with appropriate stories that will resonate with purchasers? Does the presentation have the optimum blend of creativity and commerciality.
  3. Funnels: How to deploy adspend across a multi channel digital marketing world and sending traffic through a variety of high converting funnnels on Facebook, Instagram and Google.
  4. Creative production & split testing: What ad creatives will work best in the today’s ‘fast frequent environment’ for your brand? Our approach is to never stop launching and testing new creatives, even when one seems to be a ‘winner’. There is always the potential for both a new creative to perform better, and for winning creatives to run out of steam.

And more….

See Ecommerce System in full


Your audience have shifted to online channels. Have you capitalised on the opportunity? Send us a message and share where you’re at. We’d love to hear from you.

Please note that Bolt Digital only works with credible, professional and profitable businesses.